Job Opportunities

  • Programmer

    I'm looking for a trustworthy programmer to help me with some extraneous work I have coming in. Hours are flexible, telecommuting is ok and pay is negotiable depending on experience. Problems I've had in the past include failure to communicate effectively, and inability to work with existing frameworks and coding standards, so English fluency and an ability to adapt to new environments are a must. Required languages include PHP 5, Javascript, HTML, and CSS 2.

    To start off, most of the job will entail testing sites cross-browser and fixing any issues you detect, so this will include a lot of work with IE bugs. As you demonstrate that you can handle the work effectively, your responsibilities will ramp up slowly to the point where you're handling entire projects under my supervision. Ideally, I want a team member to help me increase my workload without impacting my reliability to my clients.

    If you feel that you're qualified for the position, please send a resume to my email,, along with a small sample of your work (a short php function you're proud of will be fine), salary requirements, hours you are available, and any other information you feel compliments your application.